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Company Overview

The company offers the most advanced, efficient and cost effective project managing and technical network consulting in order to get the best result for the customer's needs in terms of technology, reliability, safety and quality/price ratio.

The company has an excellent level of technical and consulting quality: a continue technical training, certifications and updates, with a particular attention for timings and targets of the customers projects are the most important factors to reach this target.

Precision and reliability in the given consulting as well as elastic, fast and agile implementation are focal points for the company.

The skills and the know-how of the team is at internationally recognized expertise level and it keeps growing constantly.

Services we offer

The company operates in the consulting field.

Offered services and skills are intended to design and implement solutions for customers operating in the information technology, electronic and communication networks industries.

  • Networking (routing, switching, communication networks);
  • Systems infrastructures (Windows, Linux, virtualization);
  • Data transmission (cable, fiber, radio);
  • Information security (firewalling, vulnerability and penetration test).

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